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Important Tips When Buying A Pickup Truck This 2019!

If you think that purchasing used ford trucks is the same as shopping for a car, you are wrong. If you do not take into consideration all the uses of a pickup truck as well as the growing number of styles and your wide variety of options, you might end up buying the wrong truck for you and your needs. Here are some tips to make your truck shopping easier for you!

Be Prepared, Trucks Are Expensive!

Trucks are utility vehicles which is why they are more expensive compared to some premium cars. If you have purchased a used car before, prepare yourself to spend more if you are thinking of buying a pickup truck this time. Make sure that you review your budget before you make a choice. The average selling price of a used pickup truck in 2018 was $48,000. So, ensure that you are spending based on your budget.

What Will You Be Carrying On Your Truck?

It is important that you know what you will carry or haul in your truck. How you will use it will affect your choices. If you are simply going to drive the truck and don’t plan on hauling anything heavy, a midsize truck like a Chevrolet Colorado or a Toyota Tacoma is a good choice for you. However, if you are planning to tow something heavy consider something else.

Once you already have an idea of what you will tow, find out how much it weighs including the weight of the trailer. This will help you choose from a light-weight, medium-weight, or a heavy-duty truck. To help you choose the right one, just remember that these trucks are commonly divided into these categories: light, medium, and heavy. Sizing the truck is very important because if you do not take power into consideration, you will have trouble hauling what you need.

Choose The Right Engine

Most buyers are considering to have enough power and getting a good fuel economy when choosing the right engine size. Most manufacturers nowadays offer more engine options and most are now more fuel-efficient compared to what trucks have in the past. Trucks nowadays have diesel engines, especially with heavy-duty trucks. There are also light-duty trucks like the ones from Ford and Chevrolet that has diesel engines.

Consider The  Cab Sizesused ford trucks

Considering the features that your truck should have is very important and these are the bed and cab sizes. The cab size may affect the bed length of the truck. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Crew-cab trucks have four full-sized doors and they have huge back seats that are perfect for cross-country travels.
  • Double-cab trucks also have four doors but its rear ones are smaller and lesser legroom.
  • Extended cab trucks are smaller and have rear doors that joined outward. They cannot be moved unless the front doors are opened.

If you have already taken all these steps, then you know exactly what truck are you looking for. It is now time to end your research and start shopping for the best pick up truck in the market these days!